Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is the best approach for sending your message to the masses in the quickest way possible.
Through laser-targeted campaigns designed to reach the most relevant users, Deviate
Agency works closely with you and your organization to make sure you get the best return on
your investment.

Let’s Build Together

Deviate Digital Agency excels at virtually all of the available ad platforms with particular expertise in Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Bing’s AdCenter, LinkedIn, YouTube video advertising and Twitter Ads and promoted Tweets.

Our team is passionate about what they do, passionate about making the world a better place than it was yesterday, and passionate about helping you succeed.

A major differentiating factor from competitors is Deviate Digital Agency’s commitment to ensuring the paid search account and associated data are all fully owned by the client. Many paid search agencies may provide a low cost management service, but the account and its data belong to the agency and the clients have no rights to retain that data. This can create serious issues for future growth. We’ve got you covered.

Google Adwords

Our professionals are certified and
committed to helping you get the most from
your search, display, shopping, and other ad
services offered within Adwords.

Bing Adcenter

Our professionals are certified in Bing Ads, which often provides a great supplement for lessons learned from Adwords, or at times a lower cost alternative for a startup exploring paid search.

Facebook Advertising

Our experience with Facebook advertising will help you target the right demographic of B2C customers and leverage the platform for remarketing in other advertising channels.

Linkedin Advertising

LinkedIn provides a unique targeting
opportunity for specific B2B customers (by
industry, profession, or even a specific
company) by promoting your whitepapers
and other authority content.

Promoted Tweets On Twitter

Our experts leverage existing engagement, known thought leaders, or even your email lists to build and target look-alike audiences with promoted tweets that build awareness for your brands and products.

Instagram Advertising

With arguably the highest engagement of any social media platform, Instagram is the perfect place to get your business noticed via expertly crafted ads that attract leads, sales and lifetime customers.

Paid Advertising Can Be An Extremely Useful Method For Connecting And Engaging With Your Audience.

Data driven decision making combined with the art of the practice of paid advertising is what allows you and your organization to get the most from our experienced paid advertising team.

Ads That Win Traffic & Customers

Amazing Businesses. Amazing Results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Paid media is any and all digital advertising. Whether it’s OTT commercials on your favorite streaming service, podcast and audio ads that play between songs, search ads that appear at the top of a Google search, or social ads that appear on your social media network of choice, if it’s “sponsored”, it’s paid media. PPC stands for pay per click advertising and technically is only one method that ad platforms use to charge advertisers. In conversation, you may hear old-school advertisers refer to paid media as PPC ads (which is a misnomer since most platforms outside of search-based ones charge on a CPM or cost per 1000-impression basis).

The Deviate team has experience running ads on every major platform so your business is primed to succeed.

Yes. At its core, digital marketing is a battle for attention. The most successful businesses get in front of prospective customers wherever they may be online. Paid advertising plays a key role in doing so, and well-executed ads will give you a big leg up on your competitors.

There’s no “best practice” answer for this. Emerging markets can’t be found on search. B2B contacts can be found anywhere but the appropriate targeting doesn’t exist everywhere. An auto repair shop doesn’t need to be on LinkedIn, expounding business advice.

Deviate will identify the best platforms for your business and get expertly crafted ads in front of your potential customers.

Determine what conversion volume you wish to achieve, find some CPM and CTR benchmarks, and calculate backwards from there. That’s your aspirational budget. The “right” budget will depend on what conversion volume you can professionally handle.

The Deviate team will help you determine the optimal ad budget for your paid media campaigns.

Most businesses will want to look at conversion rate and cost per acquisition (otherwise known as cost per conversion or even customer acquisition cost). Those are the end-of-the-line numbers that tell you if your entire marketing system is working. Click through rate is a better indicator of ad performance and targeting relevance.

Deviate will monitor all important metrics and keep you updated with monthly reports/updates.

Choosing The Right Agency For You

Choose an agency that you can make a relationship with, for an agency that cannot make
relations with its clients will certainly not be able to do so with consumers.
Additionally, make sure the agency gives you a deadline for the goals of the brand.