Conversion Rate Optimization


We measure a brand’s performance through some metrics
which can improve through CRO.

Page Load Time

The time a website loads in has the highest impact on the conversion and bounce rate.

Cost Per Conversion

Conversion rate optimization lowers the overall cost that you pay to gain a new customer.

Bounce Rate

This is the percentage of visitors who land on one page of your website and leave without visiting any other page.

Pages Per Visit

PPV indicates the number of visitors who express interest in the brand and go through the conversion funnel.

Leads Generated

The number of visitors who express interest in the brand and go through the conversion funnel.

Click-Through Rate

The percentage of people who click on your link after seeing an ad or organic listing.

Must-Know Facts

Our Action Plan

Good Fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.

Here's How We Go About It:

Audit & Analysis

Understand your visitors’ behavior using heat maps, Google Analytics, and other CRO tools. Furthermore, understand your audience through analysis and consumer research.

A/B Split Testing

Tests to understand and compare the performance of different CTA buttons, landing pages, Emails, Meta titles, etc.

Google Analytics

Analyze user behavior and track metrics such as traffic, bounce rate, and page views.

Heat Map Testing

A heat map shows how page visitors interact and engage with your website. And, this gives an insight into the performance of different website elements.

Website Design & Development

The design and performance of the website play a vital role in the conversion rate. We optimize the layout of the landing page, CTA buttons, and other aspects of the website to increase conversions. After that, CRO consultants enhance the functionality, accessibility, and usability of the website.

Search Engine Optimization

Collaborate with SEO experts to optimize landing pages according to keywords and optimize meta content to increase CTR.

ADA Website Compliance

Ensure everyone has equal access to the website by complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Content Optimization

Optimize content through a data-driven approach to improve engagement and conversions.

Choosing The Right Agency For You

Choose an agency that you can make a relationship with, for an agency that cannot make
relations with its clients will certainly not be able to do so with consumers.
Additionally, make sure the agency gives you a deadline for the goals of the brand.