Content Creation And Marketing

The Power Of Content,

In simple words, Content marketing is about
adding value to the reader’s life while making a
relationship with them. From building trust to
enhancing your brand’s image, this mode of
marketing has the power to take you towards
success single-handedly.

The Key To Unlock
Its Potential

Content marketing uses education and emotion to
nurture patients along their entire journey to finding
a doctor. The result? Shorter sales cycles, less
overhead, more informed patients, improved
expectations, and increased profit margins.

Understanding Facts

Blogs Increase Lead Generation For Startups By 126%.

Valuable content increases a company's reputation by 82%

Content marketing generates more leads and costs 62% less than traditional marketing

Our Action Plan

Produce, distribute, and monitor all online content, such as blogs, ebooks,
infographics, and videos. Increased website traffic, brand awareness, and leads
are some results of content marketing.

Here's How We Go About It:

Devise A Strategy

Analyze the current content and compare it to the brand’s top three competitors. Post analysis, we identify low competition keywords for the target audience. Our content marketing strategists will then devise a strategy to attract more customers to the brand.

Understand The Target Audience

Study the audience to determine what content they prefer to consume and what might influence them. Knowing the audience makes it easier for us to create content that they will love.

Create Content

We’ll craft targeted, SEO-friendly, and creative content for your brand. Some key components of the content creation process 

Distribute Content

Make the content search engine friendly for the terms relevant to your business. Also, content being the party venue, we send invitations through emails and social media channels to maximize exposure.

Assess And Optimize Campaigns

Make sure the brand’s campaign can make a good relationship with the readers and build trust amongst people. Finally, Tweak your campaign based on the performance of the content.

Profitable Growth, Rediscovered

Incredible Doctors. Incredible Results.

Why Deviate?

Defining excellence is part of what we do at Deviate Agency. Our approach to your 
business is rooted in our experience as business owners. We treat your company like
our own.

Making long-term contracts
is optional for any project.

You will own everything that we deliver,
including your website and content.

Everything we do for you is tracked,
measured, and analyzed to reduce your
marketing expenses.

We provide you with a detailed report every
month that explains how our campaign affects
your brand.

Choosing The Right Agency For You

Choose an agency that you can make a relationship with, for an agency that cannot make
relations with its clients will certainly not be able to do so with consumers.
Additionally, make sure the agency gives you a deadline for the goals of the brand.